Within half a mile of the centre of the City of Hereford will be found the largest and most unique establishment of its kind in the world, where visitors are welcomed to inspect the various processes by which Bulmer's Ciders are prepared. Their premises, covering seven acres, are situate in Ryelands Street, leading off the Whitecross Road, the main thoroughfare to Hay.

The growth of the firm of H. P. BULMER & Co. LTD., in one generation, from a small shed in a bare field to the largest cider factory in the world, is one of the romances of industry, and it was the spark of genius inherent in H. P. Bulmer, fanned into flame by the capacity for hard work and the indomitable will to succeed, that led to the introduction of the now famous Champagne Cider-a drink worthy of compare with the finest wines of France. Here, in this little West of England town, you will see Champagne Cider produced by processes identical with the methods pursued in the Champagne region of France. The story of how the founder of Bulmer's worked in the vineyards of Champagne is too long to tell here : how, under the kindly care of M. Desmonet, an aged vintner of ninety years, he learned the intricate, delicate and long process by which the golden wine is produced ; how, by study in the Municipal Wine Laboratory at Rheims, he absorbed all that centuries of wine lore could teach him.

The following will also be of interest :-
BULMER'S Apple Crushing Mills have a capacity of 1,20o tons a week.
BULMER'S Vats have a storage capacity of 2,000,000 gallons.
BULMER'S Cellars contain a stock of 3,000,000 bottles of
Cider undergoing preparation by the Champagne processes,
and acquiring a perfection which nothing but age can give.

Visitors are shown over the Works between the hours of so to 12.3o and 2.30 to 5 o'clock.

For further information on Hereford consult the Hereford Official Guide,
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